Effective Banner Advertising - Part 2

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Effective Banner Advertising - Part 2

Banner advertising is a really effective means of promoting estate agent’s services, especially when used on portal websites. “Advertise where the people are looking” is exactly what’s at play in this scenario. The ad becomes even more effective when placed at a granular rather than generic level such as the home page.

Placing banners on the search results pages of neighbourhoods where you operate is a key way to attract potential buyers and sellers in your market. Your message should speak directly to the people looking for property in your area and should resonate loudly with those looking to sell. So how do you get your ads up there?

Effective Banner Advertising - Part 1

If you’ve spent any time surfing the net you’re bound to have come across a multitude of advertisements. There’s tickers and pop-ups and links, but no doubt you’ve noticed the most prevalent of them all, banners. So how do you create, place and measure effective banner advertising?

Listings on the iPad

Dutch property portal jaap.nl loves to stay ahead of the curve. It’s constantly updating in its quest to take on market leader funda.nl - in fact it even launched a property search application to go with the release of Google Wave, Google’s vision for the future of email. So it’s hardly surprising that jaap.nl has jumped on the release of Apple’s iPad to show just how good listings can look on the device.

Smart phones are already changing the way people look for property, but jaap.nl’s application gives an idea of why the iPad could also gain plenty of attention from property seekers.

Google’s Latest Releases Part 3: New Maps Perspective

With so many new releases from Google over the past week, you could be forgiven for feeling a little over-saturated. As we’ve already discussed, Google’s new real-time search and personalised results raise some questions in terms of online advertising for agents. Thankfully, Google’s latest release looks positive for the world of online real estate advertising.

New Premium Ads and Listing Tips at trulia.com

US property search engine trulia.com has released a new paid listings package for companies that it says will make it easier for consumers to connect with brokers and agents.

According to the trulia.com blog, these premium listings place advertisements at the top of search results and include an optimised and company branded home buyer contact form along with detailed listing and lead reporting.

oodle.com Releases Agent Service

US classifieds marketplace oodle.com has just released a new product aimed at real estate agents: Oodle Pro.

Augmented Reality Is Here

What is Augmented Reality, and how are agents and portals using it?

meilleursagents.com Mobile Android App For Paris

France’s meilleursagents.com has released a mobile android application that displays the property value of every single building in Paris in price per square meter.

eRealInvestor’s Tools on Two More Websites

eRealInvestor Inc has partnered with two real estate websites to offer users tools to evaluate the cash flow potential of a property.

myhome.ie Launch iPhone App

myhome.ie is the latest property portal to release an iPhone App and claims to be the first in the Irish market to do so.


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