Getting Started with Flickr

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Getting Started with Flickr

We’re all aware that a well-executed Facebook presence can pay dividends, and that a tool like Twitter can be just the thing to drive online engagement with potential customers.

But there is another, less-hyped cousin of these two popular social networks: Flickr. Done right, your Flickr presence could become yet another social source of leads.

Listings on the iPad

Dutch property portal loves to stay ahead of the curve. It’s constantly updating in its quest to take on market leader - in fact it even launched a property search application to go with the release of Google Wave, Google’s vision for the future of email. So it’s hardly surprising that has jumped on the release of Apple’s iPad to show just how good listings can look on the device.

Smart phones are already changing the way people look for property, but’s application gives an idea of why the iPad could also gain plenty of attention from property seekers. Admits Photo Doctoring, a real estate website that covers New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the US, has been caught out doctoring the weather in its listing photos.

A Portal in Pictures:

Imagine a portal that revolves around pictures, rather than words. Rather than typing in what you want, you browse a series of images. Unconvinced? Try checking out

GoGoPin Targeting Agents with Free Services

GoGoPin Ad allows its users to create online advertisements and flyers with unlimited photos and text that can be sent from computers and mobile devices. What Makes A Good Listing?

Online real estate marketplace has published a blog post revealing the qualities of the best-performing ads, and lowest performing ads, on its website.

Create Your Own Real Estate Shows

Another player has emerged in the growing online video for real estate market: Real Estate Shows allows agents to create their own internet commercials using digital photos.

Photo-to-Video Company Targets Agents

Another photo-to-video company is looking to attract business from real estate agents, offering a tool that could showcase listings in a memorable way.

Top 10 Tips for Property Photos

Simple as it might sound to just “point and click” there are a few things to keep in mind that will ensure photos really add to your listing. Here are’s Top 10 Tips for Property Photos.

Photos are king

It may be cliched but photos really do tell a thousand words when it comes to advertising properties. And many people make judgement calls based solely on a single image in a line of search results, giving your property only one chance to make a great impression. So it’s imperative you get it right first time, every time.


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