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AdWords Tips from Google

If you’re a fan of Google’s AdWords and you have one a half minutes to spare, you might want to check out this latest video that gives some handy tips for AdWords campaigns.

Why Content Matters

The word “content” is used so often these days that it’s easy to let it wash over you without thinking about it what it really means. But the fact is, quality content is central to any successful online marketing strategy.

Top 10 Tips for Great Listing Copy

How do you walk that fine line, outlining all the positives a property has to offer without stretching the truth, and promoting it to the right audience without leaving other buyers out?

Top 10 Tips for Online Press

Whether you’re launching a new product, aiming to grow your client base or simply looking to increase brand awareness, generating media attention can be invaluable in making your venture a success.

NFHA Targets “Rampant Discrimination” Online

The US National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) has just released a report calling on Congress to put an end to “discriminatory” online housing advertisements by amending the Communications Decency Act of 1996. What Makes A Good Listing?

Online real estate marketplace has published a blog post revealing the qualities of the best-performing ads, and lowest performing ads, on its website.

Embellishment and Discrimination - the Great Unravellers

Coming up with great ads week in week out can be frustrating. It’s easy then to see how imaginations can wander and ads can become outlets for frustrated creative writers! But a property advertisement should never ever contain a falsehood or ‘stretched truth’ and should be very mindful of crossing into discriminatory territory.

Writer’s Block?

Writing sassy and successful advertisements is a skill - one that some individuals make a living out of. But what if it’s only one part of a myriad things you have to do? Such is the lot of an estate agent.

What Makes a Good Property Ad

When puting a listing onto an agent or a portal site, it is important that the listing has enough information for the reader to make an informed decision about the property. If you do this, you will receive high quality leads from potential buyers and sellers.

There are a number of key elements that make up a quality listing. This entry looks at each of those key elements.


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