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AdWords Tips from Google

If you’re a fan of Google’s AdWords and you have one a half minutes to spare, you might want to check out this latest video that gives some handy tips for AdWords campaigns.

Legitimate Links for Better Rankings

It’s generally agreed that the higher the number of legitimate links to your website, the higher it will rank in search engine results. But the key word these days is “legitimate”.

Business Listings now in Street View

In another upgrade aimed at local business owners, Google has now added information about local businesses to Street View.

Business Logos Now on Google Maps

Over the past few months, it’s become clear that Google Maps isn’t just about directions. With the release of Place Pages, the Favourite Places program, and a set of tools aimed specifically at real estate agents, we now know Google Maps wants to become as important to businesses as it is to people figuring out how to get from A to B.

Ads Coming to Street View?

Google Street View has been added to so many real estate websites by now that it’s almost an expected part of the listing landscape. But there could be a change on the Street View horizon.

Google previously floated the idea of ads appearing in Street View that are tied to the listings in its Local Business Centre and Favourite Places program.

What makes it seem like more than an idea is Google’s recent filing of a patent application titled “Claiming Real Estate in Panoramic or 3D Mapping Environments for Advertising”. In other words, we could see something akin to virtual billboards appearing in a Street View image as users browse through an area.

Listing as a Local Business Pays Off

Ever heard of the Google Local Business Centre? No? It could be worth investigating. For one US broker, listing his business with Google paid off in a big way.

Google’s Latest Releases Part 1: Real-time Search

Technology news websites are currently saturated with talk of Google’s latest releases, which range from a real-time search innovation to something called “Google Goggles”. According to, Google has actually introduced 33 different search innovations in the past 67 days.

Most of these releases have been met with the usual mix of excitement and scepticism, so it’s not always easy to decode exactly what effect they might have. Over the next few days, will take a preliminary look at a few of Google’s new offerings and ponder what they could mean for the world of online advertising.

More Real Estate Upgrades from Google Maps

Google Maps’ Australian team have just announced another round of upgrades to the Google Maps real estate search, this time focusing on keyword use and listing information.

The Google Maps blog explains that the introduction of new search technology will bring up listing results for searches that use phrases such as “real estate,” “home for sale Sydney” or “homes for rent near Perth”.

This new search option comes after Google Maps added a real estate option to the “more” menu, allowing users to view a layer displaying listings, earlier this month.

Google Maps Highlights Real Estate

Google Maps has announced changes to its real estate listings and a new Comparison Ads tool for mortgages. New Online Marketing Platform

Online marketing platform has announced the launch of the world’s first marketplace for Enhanced Clicks. The company says it is on a mission to make Internet marketing available to businesses of any size by making it easy and profitable to generate locally-targeted and category-specific traffic.


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