Marketing Habits Tough to Change

Marketing Habits Tough to Change

The results of a recent survey by reveal some interesting disparities between the marketing channels agents see as effective and the channels they actually use.

The survey looked at the marketing habits of over 200 agents and developers, asking them to rate the effectiveness of strategies like search engine optimisation, email marketing, and banner advertising, and to detail the strategies they use.

The top five most effective marketing strategies were seen to be the following:

1. Customer referral programs
2. Search engine optimisation
3. Listing properties with portals
4. Agent and IFA networks
5. Email marketing

The top five marketing strategies the respondents actually used were slightly different:

1. Listing properties with portals
2. Email marketing
3. Search engine optimisation
4. Agent and IFA networks
5. Magazine advertising

Like the recent HomeGain survey of US agents, these results suggest certain habits, like the use of print media, are difficult to break even when agents know they aren’t as effective as other marketing strategies.

If you’re trying to make the shift towards some of those top five most effective marketing strategies, make sure you check out our guest series and Top 10 Tips on SEO, our series on making the most of your portal listings, and our email marketing tips.

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