Easy Fixes for Video Listings

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Easy Fixes for Video Listings

There are plenty of videos out there that could make even the most settled of home owners wonder whether they should consider moving. How do yours measure up?

Marketing Tips from Foursquare

Whether you’re a Foursquare convert or have never heard of location-based mobile social networking before, chances are you’ll be interested in CEO Dennis Crowley’s tips on how to grow a small business.

Technology Trends from the NAR Conference: Part 3 – Low Cost Agent Sites

Welcome to the third in our series of technology trends from the NAR Conference held earlier this week in San Diego.

In Part 1, we wrote about how more and more website providers are offering realtors a mobile presence. In Part 2, we looked at the continued existence of video and virtual tours and discussed the relative merits of using them. In this article, we will look at the low cost websites being offered to realtors in the US and discussing whether they are worth the investment.

zoopla.co.uk Pay-For-Performance

zoopla.co.uk is finally living up to its long-awaited promise and shaking things up with a new pay-per-lead model for UK estate agent listings. With two rapidly growing portals, zoopla.co.uk and propertyindex.com, now operating on a pay-per-lead basis it will be interesting to see what kind of challenge this model issues to the Big 4 in the UK.

propertyindex.com Phones UK Agents With Free Leads

propertyindex.com is leaving no stone unturned in its attempt to take on the UK portals. UK estate agents listing their properties with propertyindex.com are being offered free telephone leads.

Top 10 Tips for Marketing Your Brand on a Budget

Marketing your brand is a never-ending business. When times get tough and budgets are tight, don’t be tempted to stop marketing - get creative and find new ways to promote your business.


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