Tech Trends from the NAR Conference: Part 5 - Distribution to Multiple Portals

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Tech Trends from the NAR Conference: Part 5 - Distribution to Multiple Portals

Welcome to the fifth in our series of technology trends from the NAR Conference held just over a week ago in San Diego, California.

In previous installments we wrote about realtors having a mobile presence, the continued existence of video and virtual tours, low cost websites being offered to realtors in the US, and the use of local information on realtors’ sites.

In this installment, we will look at the rise of intermediaries who syndicate a realtor’s listings to 20 or so different sites.

TourNarrator Makes a Splash

Real estate professionals already have plenty of ways to use their iPhone to make business easier. Now, a new release from a la mode, inc. has extended the iPhone’s reach to cover another step in the selling process: the home tour.

TourNarrator has just been made available on the iTunes App store for US$1.99, and a la mode says it has already climbed to eleventh position on the list of popular paid applications in the business category. So, what makes TourNarrator so special?

AudioAgent Offers Online Tours

AudioAgent has released two advertising options it says will increase the chances of turning an online property search into a real life viewing.

planetRE Launches New Mobile Portal

planetRE has launched a new “convergence portal” for mobile phones it says will give agents an advantage in influencing consumers.

Top 10 Tips for Making Your Listings Stand Out

While we think all listings should always be best they can be, it’s a competitive world out there and sometimes you want your listings to really shine, so here are’s Top 10 Tips for making your listings stand out.

Give Your Listings Web Appeal

A recent post on the blog of, a leading US real estate marketplace, talks about how “web appeal” is the new curb appeal. So what exactly is web appeal?

Maximising Leads from Portal Sites – Part 2

In part one of this article about how agents can maximise leads from portal sites we looked at the importance of the quality of the advertisement. In part two, we’re going to look at how you can maximise the placement of your listing and the benefit of tracking your listings.

Maximising Leads from Portal Sites – Part 1

To maximise leads, agents need to think about two things – the quality of the advertisement and the positioning of that advertisement on the portal site. In part one of this article we’re going to look at the quality of the advertisement.

Obtaining Instructions Part 2: From Theory to Practice

Here is one practical example of how you can implement an early relationship building exercise with potential sellers.

Obtaining Instructions Part 1: Developing Relationships Online

Lead generation initiatives aren’t always about delivering leads ready for business that day. In fact a number of the more successful programs are focused on establishing contact with potential customers as they are just starting to think about selling their home.


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