Selling Online Advertising to Vendors

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Selling Online Advertising to Vendors

Many agents gloss over the Internet when presenting to prospective sellers or landlords, even though this medium has been the single most important innovation to the way we do business.

Print Media: Dead or Just Dying?

Is print dead? It’s a question marketers of all persuasions ask themselves from time to time, whether they believe in the power of the printed word or choose to funnel all their advertising dollars into online options.

Rental Search Data from

US rental property search engine has released its first whitepaper: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Marketing in the Single and Multifamily Rental Industry.

The whitepaper covers a range of information on the rental housing market including what type of housing renters are looking for, which marketing sources renters are using, and how rental search varies across demographics.

NAR: Buyers Relying on Referrals

The US National Association of Realtors recently released its 2009 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers and the results show an even heavier reliance on the Internet to find homes than in 2008.

The often-quoted statistic from the 2008 NAR report had 87 percent of US home buyers looking online for their next home. According to figures posted by Sara Bonert,’s director of broker relations, that figure has now risen to 90 percent.

Bonert’s blog post also shows that looking online for properties was the first step taken by both first time and repeat buyers, rather than contacting an agent. Buyers spent an average of two weeks on this initial property search before they decided to find an agent to help them with the buying process.

Back to Basics: Why Advertise Online? occasionally receives requests for information on how to list a property online. While this may sound like a strange question to some, we think the fact that this question is still being asked probably reflects reluctance amongst some agents to make the jump to online advertising.

The reason we think online advertising is worthwhile is simple: it’s the fastest growing source of enquiry.

Print Advertising is Obsolete – The Case for On-Line

I’ve been working in and around the internet almost since the beginning of the dotcom boom. Between 2001 and 2008, I was the CEO and Managing Director of and my most recent business venture is focussed on investing, innovating and consulting in the on-line realm.

REALTOR Magazine to Cut Back in Print

REALTOR Magazine is to cut the number of issues it publishes to six per year from 2010.

Homebuyers Look Online for Open Houses

US property search engine is reporting that US homebuyers are twice as likely to look online rather than in print for open house information.


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