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Mobile Apps, Created by You

Mobile’s momentum continues to build this month with the release of another search application and a collection of new app creation options emerging for smaller players.

Tracking the Mobile Momentum

At the start of the year, we looked at what 2010 might have in store for real estate agents. One of our predictions was that a mobile presence will become a necessity for agents this year.

2010: What’s in Store for Agents?

With the effects of the global financial crisis still being felt in plenty of places around the world, many real estate agents will be more than happy to see 2009 come to a close. “Recovery” is the word on everyone’s lips as we start the first year of the next decade, even though no one can really predict how long it will take.

The new year’s technology trends are probably just as difficult to pinpoint, but that won’t stop us from trying. Here’s what sees in its crystal ball for 2010:

Mobile Websites: A Closer Look

The recent National Association of Realtors conference in San Diego highlighted a number of technology trends emerging in the world of real estate. One of these was the use of mobile Internet, and we looked into whether agents should create their own mobile websites or invest in a branded, downloadable application.

The important thing to consider when choosing between these options is who your audience is, and how they will use your mobile presence. The cost of developing a downloadable application might be appropriate if you targeting a large, tech-savvy audience. If, on the other hand, you don’t foresee a huge return on investing a branded application, stripping back your existing website to make it mobile-friendly might be more suitable.

One thing is clear: ignoring the mobile option is a risky strategy. Sales of Internet-enabled phones are increasing in Australia, the US, the UK and the Asia Pacific.

Technology Trends from the NAR Conference: Part 1 – Mobile Internet

I have spent the last couple of days wandering around the NAR Convention in San Diego. This annual love-fest is attended by thousands of realtors from around the US with a few foreigners thrown in for good measure. While each NAR convention has the obligatory presentations, it is the expo and its 400+ exhibitors that are of most interest.

Amongst the beads, bags, and books are a range of technology providers each offering a potential “silver bullet” to a realtor’s marketing needs. I therefore thought it would make sense to cover some of the technology “silver bullets” that were at the Conference.

The first cab off the rank is mobile internet for realtors. Our next edition will look at the rise of video tours.

US Ad Spending to Move to Mobiles

A new US based report suggests mobile phones will see increasing investment from advertisers over the next five years, but another analysis raises doubts over whether consumer use will be able to keep up.

Challenges for New Mobile App

Launched February this year, SikkU has been described as “more than just another real estate site”.

New Mobile App from Smarter Agent

Smarter Agent is planning to release what it claims will be the first mobile application to work across almost all mobile devices, carriers, and formats.

How Hard is Your Mobile Working?

The connection between real estate and mobile technology is growing by the day. But are there any mobile phone applications out there specifically designed with agents and their clients in mind?


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