November 30, 2010

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Nurturing Your Leads Part 1: Turning Leads into Real Business

“][image: flickr/digicla]

[image: flickr/digicla

Whether generated by your own website or through one of the major property portals, leads need to be handled, swiftly, effectively and with a surety to provide concise and relevant information.

The Internet has truly changed the way we do business. It used to be that buyers would contact estate agents and ask to look at some houses that meet their criteria but now, Internet users are more likely to contact you with a specific property in mind and more than likely ready to do business.

Most online users expect and demand immediate attention and if they request specific information – that’s the information they want whether it be on a specific property or about the area they are looking to purchase in.

What if you discovered that your office telephone went unanswered for a day? You wouldn’t be happy! Not responding to emails quickly is tantamount to the same negligence as far as the online prospect is concerned.

The point is – if you don’t handle the enquiry quickly and effectively, prospects will go elsewhere or a competitor with the right service approach will get the business before you get a look in. This is not about getting around to it within the next day or so – this is about now or business will be lost.

The bad news is that there are a great many agents that still don’t handle email leads well enough and unanswered or delayed response to emails and leads remains one of the greatest complaints of Internet property users.

The good news is, this is an opportunity for you to shine and stand out - so here are a few tips:

First and foremost – get your processes right!

1. Have a precise process in place for regularly checking your inbox for email leads, assigning a person/s in your office to be responsible for checking incoming leads from your site or from property portals.
2. Ensure the process exists for quickly selecting and assigning leads to sales agents
3. If a sales agent is not available at that time – send an acknowledgement by email if that is the only contact you have and commit to someone contacting them within the next hour, and if you have the telephone details text this to the sales agent.
4. Ensure there are follow-up procedures confirming contact has been made with the prospective customer as soon as possible.

Rules of engagement

1. Acknowledge immediately receipt of the email or if telephone number supplied, assign to a sales agent to call.
2. If available, send any specific information requested immediately.
3. If not all information is available, send what is available immediately, and commit to forwarding remaining information within a certain timeframe.
4. Make timeframes realistic and then exceed expectations. Promise to forward within a certain period and be in a position to forward it earlier. If you commit to getting back to them with information in the next 4 hours – do it in 2!
5. Don’t be pushy but be attentive, respectful and provide regular follow-up contact commensurate with the information you have.

This is your chance to impress – don’t underestimate this opportunity for a first impression and a prospect for a quick sale!

Qualifying and obtaining more information

It’s a little easier if you have been provided with a telephone number to apply your skills however; many enquiries may only supply you with an email address so it is vital build a relationship with the potential customer online.

Apart from being super responsive to their email, you can also display a keen interest in their requirements by requesting further information that can help you help them.

Property Portals will provide you with some great information but only that which the prospect is willing to provide so why not to fill in any gaps through a well thought out response however, don’t be too pushy. If they don’t want to be contacted face to face at this stage, take the hint, but at the same time continue to develop dialogue and build a relationship.

Ask leading questions about any special requirements they may have such as access to schools, medical & community facilities, etc. which builds the impression of an agency that is genuinely interested in fulfilling their needs. You can include a request for any important information around time frame or urgency for purchasing or selling.

Perhaps finish by asking if there is particular number you can contact them on if they haven’t already supplied those details.

Why not even include a simple questionnaire highlighting the fact you wish to ensure only the best possible information that is relevant to their requirements is provided. Make it simple and easy and their response will provide you with a gauge in their qualification. If all questions are answered – you have yourself a hot prospect worthy of immediate attention and regular contact.

Also encourage them to be placed on your newsletter distribution list and buyer’s register. See related articles on Email Newsletters - Awareness, Loyalty, Leads and Create a Buyer Register.

If they are not ready to do business with you just now, love them to death until they do! These prospects, well nurtured, will give you the upper hand on competition when they become hot.

[image: flickr/digicla]


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