September 15, 2010

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Renter Review Website Launches

A new website has been launched in the UK to give renters the ability to publish reviews on properties, landlords, estate agents, and the local area.

The allows users to upload their reviews for free and provides a search option so they can find reviews by location.

At the moment, there are around 30 reviews available, and while there are some with a rating of 100 percent that sound slightly like listings, many seem to be genuine impressions of properties, landlords, and agents.

Those who disagree with the content of the reviews can flag them as “dodgy content”, “spam”, or “just not true”.

While the website is aimed squarely at house hunters, agents may be able to make work to their advantage by using it to keep track of their online reputation.

For more tips on controlling your online reputation, check out our article here.

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