Top 10 Tips for Turning Listings Into Open Houses

Top 10 Tips for Turning Listings Into Open Houses

While an open house is generally not seen as a sure-fire way to sell a property, they are certainly an expected part of an agent’s routine and can be great opportunities to meet new clients face to face.

But how do you turn a listing into a successful open house? The answer lies in combining good listings with great customer service before, during and after the event. Here are’s Top 10 Tips for Open Houses.

1. Becoming an agent of choice for your area is the essential starting point. A recent study outlined how sellers choose their agents and highlighted social influence, market sources and reputation as three important factors.

2. Making your online listings stand out with effective photos and a detailed description – everything that goes into creating what we like to call web appeal – will go a long way towards drawing people to the open house.

3. Aim for maximum exposure (without blowing the budget). The use of social media could make an important difference, and of course there’s that initial issue of choosing the right portal for your market.

4. Go offline as well. While the Internet is fast becoming the real estate advertising method of choice, don’t forget that simple tools such as signs and flyers can sometimes reach those who might not see your listing online.

5. Follow up on leads before the viewing. As well as giving you the opportunity to confirm details, this simple action says a lot about your conscientiousness as an agent as well as your commitment to getting the property sold.

6. Consider different marketing techniques. We’ve reported on marathon open houses and extreme house selling tactics before. Even if these ideas aren’t appropriate for you, they could spark an original approach that makes your open house one to remember.

7. Make the home theirs. Before people arrive at the property, check for things you can change to make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. These last minute tips cover the essentials, from clutter clearing to the right scent.

8. Providing interested viewers with information beyond the basics is another factor that can make a big difference. This information could include a list of recent improvements made to the property, details of annual utility costs, or colour photos of features you’d like people to remember.

9. Ask for feedback. While you still have potential buyers and sellers walking through the house, check with them to see where they found your listing. Later on, you can feed this valuable information back into your next open house strategy.

10. Post sale communication is vital, not only to keep your name in the minds of future buyers and sellers, but also to make sure your details are passed on through a glowing recommendation from the people whose house you just sold.

Whether your open house results in a signed contract or a list of new contacts, if done right you will always gain something in exchange for your time and effort.


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