November 27, 2010

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Give Your Listings Web Appeal


A recent post on the blog of, a leading US real estate marketplace, talks about how “web appeal” is the new curb appeal. So what exactly is web appeal?

Defining web appeal

Jill Simmons, PR Manager at, writes:

“In the past, it was all about curb appeal - a manicured lawn, a brick walkway, a fresh coat of paint. But today, with 90 percent of home buyers looking online, it’s all about Web appeal. You want to attract visitors to your listing, and impress them once they’re there.”

We tend to agree with Jill - most buyers will search online at some point and many make judgements and big decisions based on what they see in an online listing (on a property portal or on an agent or broker’s website).

Spencer Rascoff, CEO of said in an interview with ABC News: “A seller needs to worry about Web appeal: When a buyer is browsing on the Web, what is their first impression?”

So how can you give your listings web appeal?

In its blog post, offers two key ways to give a home web appeal - the first is to actually list it online in the first place and harness the power of the internet (eg: email your friends and contacts, use social media), and the second is to make the listing as enticing as it can possibly be.

We think web appeal can be created by:

Outside of these tips, there’s one other thing sellers and agents can do to generate web appeal, according to Spencer Rascoff: “A home that is priced aggressively is going to generate a lot more buyer interest”.

Finally, you can read Simon Baker’s article, What Makes a Good Property Ad.

[image: flickr/okarol]


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