October 11, 2011

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Website Spotlight: locomusings.com


Alongside clarkcountyrealestate.com, locomusings.com might be one of the best examples of local real estate blogging we’ve come across recently. The agent behind the blog, Heather Elias, is using it to cover “musings on life and real estate in Loudoun County”, and doing a great job of promoting her business in the process.

10 Local Content Ideas for Your Website


Along with previously sold listings, agent information and market statistics, good real estate websites also need to have a strong focus on their local area.

Website Spotlight: clarkcountyrealestateguide.com


If you’re a real estate agent working in the US, chances are you will have at least heard of Dale Chumbley, who attracted 7,000 Facebook fans in just over two weeks by taking on the challenge of publishing 365 things to do in his area over 365 days. Right now, Chumbley is approaching the end of this mammoth blogging endeavour, so we thought it was about time to highlight his strategy.

Does Your Website Cover Market Movements?


Previously on propertyadguru.com, we’ve talked about how real estate agents should include recently sold listings and biographical information on their websites. Today we want to highlight another base we believe all good real estate websites should cover: local market information.

Six Tips for Website Stickiness


Getting people to come to your website is one thing. Getting them to stay longer than a few seconds before they head back to Facebook or Google is another challenge entirely.

Does Your Website Highlight Your Team?


Last week we talked about how including past sales information on your website can improve your image with visitors, particularly if those visitors are sellers. Today, we’ll look at another essential for a great real estate website - agent profiles.

Reel Them in With Recently Sold Listings


Good real estate websites present their agency in the best possible light - its current activity and its past achievements. To show off what your business has already achieved, we advocate including a section highlighting your previously sold listings.

Website Spotlight: bubbleinfo.com


In this week’s website spotlight, we’re taking a look at bubbleinfo.com - a real estate website that picked up one of the nominations in the blog category at this year’s Inman Innovator Awards.

Website Spotlight: sanctuarybelize.com


In this week’s website spotlight we’re taking a look at sanctuarybelize.com, which has just started to think in terms of social media.

Free Photo Resources For Your Website


A little while ago, we looked at how real estate agents should deal with the issue of copyright when choosing images for their blog or website. Today, we’ll give you a few more examples of photo websites you can use without worrying about copyright infringement.