June 6, 2011

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Real Estate Tech Roundup 3/6/11

Each week, we take a a look at the top stories in real estate technology from the past seven days. Here are the latest stories from around the world:

  • zillow.com is causing a stir with its bid to list on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “Z”. If the application is approved, zillow.com will be the first stock on the NASDAQ with a single-letter symbol. “They’re doing it to attract attention, obviously,” Bob Stovall, a managing director and global strategist at Wood Asset Management Inc., told bloomberg.com.
  • When asked whether his company might be next with an IPO, redfin.com CEO Glenn Kelman said he is not looking to go down that path this year or next. “Barring some unforeseen screw-up, we don’t need the capital to fund operations, we probably don’t need the currency to buy companies, and the management team is not impatient to cash out,” Kelman told geekwire.com. redfin.com again dropped off the Hitwise list of top 20 US real estate websites in April.
  • Meanwhile, number four US real estate website trulia.com has officially launched the crime maps revealed by gigaom.com at the start of the week. trulia.com says these maps use geodata from multiple partners, including crimereports.com, everyblock.com and spotcrime.com, and allow users to add insights, comments, and advice via Facebook’s Social Comments. The maps currently cover 50 counties, however there are plans to “quickly expand nationwide.”
  • In the Netherlands, interactive floor plan company Floorplanner has updated its image exporting system and made it available to all users. The company has also added image exporting to its API, which means that portals and other users with API access can request an image of any design and size they like.
  • We are always on the lookout for new developments in real estate technology. Send us your tips and press releases by emailing [email protected]


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