June 9, 2011

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Real Estate Tech Roundup

Each week, we take a a look at the top stories in real estate technology from the past seven days. Here are the latest developments from around the world:

  • room77.com launched in beta to offer a personalised hotel room search across 16 US cities. The search engine allows users to set preferences for factors such as view, floor, and distance from elevator, and is looking to expand to more locations soon.
  • US online brokerage redfin.com increased its coverage of pre-listed foreclosed homes from under 10,000 properties to more than 80,000. The website now shows the auction price and date for many foreclosed homes, revealing the results of failed auctions that have already taken place.
  • UK property software provider GMG Property Services made two new hires: former propertyfinder.com employee Paul Boggeln is now head of residential product, working across all products within GMG’s residential sales software brands, Vebra and Core, while Core Systems’ original founder Geoff Core has re-joined the company as major accounts director after a one-year break.
  • Two paid community websites for agent education are coming online in the US. Delaware-based agent Maya Paveza has set up thehiproof.com, which will offer a forum, blogs, calendars, and resources such as webinars with an emphasis on social media. Meanwhile, real estate website creator Drew Meyers is creating Geek Estate Pro, a WordPress and Internet marketing community.
  • Bev Thorne, chief marketing officer of Century 21, discussed the company’s move to digital advertising and the role of social media in the real estate industry in an interview with smartblogs.com.  ”Although the move to digital was controversial in 2009, we believe it has enabled our brand to maintain our advantage as an innovator,” Thorne revealed.
  • We are always on the lookout for new developments in real estate technology. Send us your tips and press releases by emailing [email protected]

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