Italian Website Creation Option Launches

Italian Website Creation Option Launches

A new Italian venture,, has just been launched with the aim of providing website creation technology to real estate professionals.

Pietro Montelatici, managing director of parent company Bryo srl, describes as “a piece of technology to be used by web developers/designers” rather than “Google Sites for real estate”.’s advantage, Montelatici argues, is that websites created using its technology will include features such as automatic video creation from pictures and text and automatic localisation in 10 languages, as well as standard features such as map and listing based search options, flexible design, galleries, and RSS feeds.

The venture has three “channels” through which it hopes to create revenue. The first, Montelatici says, is the prospect of licensing its technology to other industry players, such as portals. Second is the idea that web companies, designers and developers will use to build real estate websites for their customers. Third, is aiming to provide complete real estate websites to domestic customers.

While not all’s content is available in English at this stage, Montelatici hopes its technology will appeal to international customers as well as those in the Italian market.

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