June 9, 2011

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Quick Lead Generation Ideas from whichtestwon.com


If the sign up forms on your website no longer generate valuable leads - or if they never did in the first place - you might want to spend a few minutes on Anne Holland’s whichtestwon.com.

Agent Strategies: Narrowing Your Focus


Today we take a peek behind the scenes at thecoralgablesstory.com, which we previously highlighted as an example of a well designed real estate website.

Email Tool Review: PreviewMyEmail


You’ve seen them in your inbox before - email newsletters that are missing pictures, full of error messages, or just plain blank. If you’ve ever stopped to wonder whether your email looks like this to some of your own subscribers, you might want to check out PreviewMyEmail.

MailChimp Doubles its Free Plan


Email marketing and list manager MailChimp has just doubled its freemium plan, making its service free for lists with up to 2,000 members. What’s so great about MailChimp? The main advantage for agents is its tracking capability.

Five Key Steps from Ad to Lead


Now that you understand what search engine marketing is and the common SEM mistakes you should avoid, we’ll take you through the steps to create good SEM that converts clicks into real estate leads.

Is there a Right Time to Send Email Newsletters?


Having looked at some of the latest research on the best times to blog, tweet, and post to Facebook, we wanted to touch on timing for email newsletters as well. Here are our timing tips for real estate agents who want their emails opened:

Agent Strategies: Property Photos Still an Issue


We’ve been blogging about how to take great real estate photos for some time now, but as realestate.co.nz CEO Alistair Helm recently pointed out, quality listing photos remain something of a rare commodity. Another real estate professional who thinks real estate photography could be improved is former US real estate agent John Lynch.

Top Agencies Share Lead Management Strategies


Ever wondered how other agencies manage, prioritise, and track their leads? That’s the topic covered in a new roundtable series set up by The Property Management Software Guide, which reveals the strategies of three US real estate companies.

Five Tips for Better Calls to Action


If one of the aims of a good real estate website is to capture leads, then effective calls to action are essential. But if your website still isn’t generating as many leads as you’d like, here are five questions to consider:

Agent Strategies: Your 2011 Business Plan


“I’ve never written a business plan for the profession I’ve chosen and existed in for the last fifteen years. I use the word existed, because that’s pretty much what you do without a concise action plan.”