Focuses on SEO Focuses on SEO

UK single property website service wants to help agents with their search engine optimisation (SEO).

As we explained in our Top 10 Tips for SEO, the number of relevant inbound links to your website can have a big effect on where it’s placed in search engine rankings. is now encouraging its users to focus on this, and suggests agents set up individual websites for each key road where they sell houses.

Once these websites have been set up, the agent then links them back to their main website. Whenever the agent has a property for sale on a key road, they showcase it on the appropriate website.

There is just one potential drawback to’s idea: cost. Free one-month trials are available for the service, but after that agents need to sign up for one of’s paid packages, which start at £39.95 per month for five single property websites.

Looking for more SEO ideas? Check out guest contributor Glenn Batten’s exhaustive series - written for Australian agents but applicable anywhere - for a wide range of hints and tips.

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