New Widget from

New Widget from

UK property portal, which has just come out with an iPhone application, has also released a widget showing UK average house prices that can be added to any website.

The widget displays asking price data for both flats and houses in any UK town or county for either sales or rentals. explains that it shows asking price changes for the last 90 days in both graph and tabular formats.

The widget takes a daily snapshot of the prices at which properties are advertised on the website for the last 90 days and then plots them on the graph. The widget’s graph features clickable data points, so the user can find out precisely how much the average asking price of a flat or house in that area was on a specific date. Asking price data is drawn from’s database of over 600,000 properties.

Meanwhile, parent company The Digital Property Group (TDPG) is touting the success of both and over the past few weeks, claiming an increase in traffic has boosted the number of enquiries for its agents.

According to a company statement, on 18 January recorded just short of 215,000 unique visitors, which is 11,400 individual visitors greater than the previous record set in August 2009. The next day, attracted just over 168,000 unique visitors, which is its recorded highest number.

TDPG says that in both cases this boost in visitors translated into enquiries for its agents, with lead totals for and between 1 and 19 January increasing by 21 percent and 59 percent respectively compared with the same period in 2009.

The company also states that for the first 19 days in January its websites delivered a lead to an agent every 2.2 seconds, compared with a lead landing every 3.1 seconds in 2009.

TDPG sales director John Notley said these were “outstanding” numbers, even taking seasonality into account.

With TDPG’s parent company recently bringing into the fold, 2010 looks set to be an interesting year as this portal network, along with’s, tries to close in on that other UK property portal,

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  1. ziz
    March 24, 2010 at 9:39 pm | Permalink

    I just found the house price widget page on Findaproperty. Looks pretty cool although lots of other portals have beaten them to it.


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