November 27, 2010

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Top 10 Tips for Making a Successful Video

You know your product is great and you’ve heard that online video is a great way to advertise it, so what do you need to think about next?

Here are’s Top 10 Tips for Making a Successful Video:

“][image: flickr/Daquella manera]

[image: flickr/Daquella manera

1. Keep it short. Online users have the attention span of a gnat - unless they’re really interested in the topic. Rule of thumb: you have about 5-15 seconds to get your message across before you run the risk of being ‘clicked out’ of existence. If you have more to say, perhaps try a follow up video - if people are interested they’ll watch it.

2. Make sure your content has soul and shows the human side to your offering. Mindless voiceovers with no visuals will be switched off. Use real people and have them sell your message in a personable way.

3. NEVER LIE! Your content is available for all and sundry to see. Make sure it is an accruate representation of your product and is something you are proud to put your name to.

4. Don’t shy away from negative feedback on your video. Expect it, pre-empt it and respond appropriately and in a timely fashion. You can often use negative feedback to your advantage - turn it around and point out the positives.

5. Optimise your video for search. Do this with tags and a good description so it can be found easily by search engines. See our Top Ten Tips for Video Marketing/SEO for more ideas.

6. Encourage people to view your video. If your video is not on auto-play, write 3 reasons next to the player why someone should press the play button. It makes it a no-brainer for someone who could be half-interested in what you have to say.

7. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Some videos generate sensational numbers of views and forwards and comments but do not affect sales of the product or service at all. It’s easy to let the chance for online superstardom affect your thinking! Your aim is to generate some buzz but then convert the buzz to sales. Use good analytics tools to see what users are doing with your video and importantly track the conversions.

8. Track, and edit for, your market. With more people viewing videos on different platforms and through different channels, such as social networking sites and mobiles, it’s important to track what’s working where. Different channels will produce different results. You should consider tweaking the video for different channels and re-launching it to see the effect. Think about the different audiences you are reaching out to.

9. Serialise. Build your videos into a series perhaps via the use of the same narrator. Be prepared for some people to like the look and others not to. Take the feedback into account and see what you can do to make positive changes. Let your videos interact and respond with one another via links and references to each other.

10. Re-invent. Keep your videos alive through a change of colour, font, look to suit the seasons or holidays. Online video content should never be considered a final product. Due to the relatively cheap production costs (vs TV or movie ads) you can afford to keep your videos in a constant state of morph (unless they are about one particular property, but even then, if the property doesn’t sell immediately you can afford to change the video to encourage new buyers). You can change emphasis and give them a different interpretation without too much hard work, so why wouldn’t you?

Keep on moving…

[image: flickr/Daquella manera]


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