August 16, 2011

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Real Estate Tech Roundup


Welcome to a new weekly feature on where we take a look at the top stories in real estate technology from the past seven days.

Create Website Forms Fast with Wufoo


Are your website visitors mostly buyers or sellers? Where are they looking to move to next? What are their real estate queries? If you don’t know the answers to these questions - but wish you did - website form builder Wufoo could be for you.

Aussie Audiences Leave Portals for Social Networks


We knew social media websites were popular in Australia, but what we didn’t know until now was just how quickly Australian Internet users’ online habits are changing.

Social Profiles Made Simple:

We heard about the dangers of spreading yourself too thin on social media in yesterday’s Agent Strategies, but for those agents who do have a number of active social profiles and want to showcase them in one place, could be the answer.

Facebook Pages to be Revamped


In just a few weeks, Facebook Pages will undergo a major upgrade that should make promoting your real estate business that much easier. So what can you expect when Facebook flips the switch?

Email Tool Review: PreviewMyEmail


You’ve seen them in your inbox before - email newsletters that are missing pictures, full of error messages, or just plain blank. If you’ve ever stopped to wonder whether your email looks like this to some of your own subscribers, you might want to check out PreviewMyEmail.

A Global Perspective on the Property Portal Business


You spend a good deal of your advertising budget on property portal listings, but have you ever wondered what the property portal business looks like from the other side? That’s what publisher Simon Baker has been talking about, along with the work his Classified Ad Ventures company is doing to help people in the real estate industry get the most out of their Internet marketing.

Would You Use QR Codes on Your Marketing?


If you’ve never heard of QR codes (short for “quick response codes”) before, the best way to think of them is as a futuristic version of the humble supermarket barcode. But how are they useful in real estate marketing?

Fewer Click-Throughs for Facebook Ads


Real estate agents who are trying out Facebook Ads to promote their business will be interested in the latest research by Webtrends, which aimed to provide benchmarks for brands to monitor their campaigns against.

Social Tool Review: SocialBios


How long has it been since you updated your real estate website’s “about us” page? If your answer is “too long” you might want to look into award winner SocialBios - a new service claiming to provide “the ultimate ‘about us’ page that brings together all of your social network profile information in one place.”