July 18, 2011

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A Global Perspective on the Property Portal Business

You spend a good deal of your advertising budget on property portal listings, but have you ever wondered what the property portal business looks like from the other side?

That’s what propertyadguru.com publisher Simon Baker has been talking about in his new interview with smartcompany.com.au, along with the work his Classified Ad Ventures company is doing to help people in the real estate industry get the most out of their Internet marketing.

“We really only want to go to one website that’s got everything, because we want convenience and we become creatures of habit,” Baker says of the way consumers use online classifieds. “Amazon does incredibly well, eBay still does incredibly well. They might get nibbled away at the sides because they are so big, but they are still good companies.”

“In the Australian industry it’s Carsales, Seek and REA have done these incredibly good jobs at creating those marketplaces and it’s very hard for other players to come in and tackle them, especially head on,” Baker adds. “So you have to find creative ways, carving out niches.”

Read more of the interview at smartcompany.com.au.


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