June 6, 2011

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How to Convert Facebook Fans into Email Subscribers

Last week, we looked at a great example of a real estate agency gaining hundreds of “likes” on Facebook by creating a page focused on a local area. But what if that agency wanted to go one step further, and convert the people who connected with them on Facebook into email subscribers?

This is a delicate process - a request to your Facebook audience to sign up for email alerts will likely be ignored or, worse still, cause people to remove you from their feed altogether. The fact is that you need to give people a good reason to make the jump to your email list, and make them feel confident that you’re not going to spam them.

One way to do this would be to offer more detailed information that will appeal to a certain section of your Facebook audience if they sign up to receive your emails. For example, you could get the attention of first-time buyers by offering to send them a free, step-by-step guide to buying property. Similarly, investors who follow your Facebook updates might be convinced to sign up for emails if you offer them a report on the top five suburbs they should be focusing on.

You could also offer a reward for people who sign up for your emails, such as a discount at a local business. Shoe company Crocs is just one example of a brand using this kind of strategy to tempt people over to email.

If you’re not game to try either of these strategies with your Facebook audience just yet, at least make sure the “info” section of your Facebook page includes a link to your website and your agency’s email address. Even better, use a Facebook application like this one to add an email sign-up form to your Facebook page.


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