Webby Nominees Want Your Votes

Webby Nominees Want Your Votes

The annual Webby Awards are on again and this year’s real estate nominees are hungry for your votes to land them the coveted People’s Voice award.

Before making your decision, you might want to consider some recent developments at the five nominated websites:

zillow.com: The US real estate marketplace has had plenty to crow about recently, with the release of its rentals search, Android application, and iPad app amongst its achievements. The website, which turned four in February, has also held on to second place in the US market for the past few months. With all these bases covered, does zillow.com deserve your vote?

trulia.com: As last year’s Webby Award winner, trulia.com comes to the competition with a standard to uphold. Like zillow.com, this real estate search engine also added rental listings recently, and while it’s not quite as strong in the marketplace, it is getting plenty of attention from potential investors. The question is, has trulia.com done enough lately to win the public vote in 2010?

hotpads.com: hotpads.com was last year’s People’s Voice winner, and says just being nominated again this year is a huge honour (before adding that, of course, it wants to win again). So far this year, the map-based real estate search engine has added an Android app to its offerings. With maps becoming such an important part of property search, could hotpads.com be set to take out the People’s Voice award two years running?

nytimes.com/realestate: The New York Times’ real estate search section was nominated for a Webby last year, but didn’t end up making the cut. A new set of user features - more search options and market data - have recently been added to the website. Could 2010 be the year nytimes.com/realestate comes out on top?

nakedapartments.com: Established in the competitive New York market in September 2009, nakedapartments.com is relying on more than just an attention-grabbing name to get noticed. It works by registering anonymous profiles for users, then allowing brokers and landlords send through listings that match users’ criteria. While the website says it isn’t trying to cut brokers out, its focus on consumers might just be enough to gather those all-important People’s Voice votes.

Online voting closes 29 April, so get along to webby.aol.com and let your voice be heard.

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