Vebra Offers Free Video Trial

Vebra Offers Free Video Trial

UK based software company Vebra is offering a free six week trial of a video service to Vebra Solex customers.

Agents running version 4.7 of the Vebra Solex software can sign up for the trial, which provides access to video tours created by Vebra’s partner website, creates online video property tours using an agent’s existing photos and property descriptions. The website promotes the service as requiring “no effort” from agents, but does provide the option for agents to customise their tours.

Through the trial, these video tours are added into every property details page created with Vebra Solex. Once the trial expires, agents can expect to pay £50 per branch per month to use the service, according to

Vebra is owned by GMG Property Services, which also owns UK portal managing director Mark Goddard discussed on, saying: “Since using Video Tours across all our properties, we have seen a massive increase in visitor dwell time by over 60%”.

Along with the video tours, recently incorporated Google Street View into their website.

In April this year, Vebra launched new software that allows agents to access their data from anywhere.

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