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Lee Bramzell, the CEO of UK property portal, has lept to defend agents from a BBC TV programme called Axe The Agent?

Axe The Agent? is yet another variation in the popular genre of programmes about property buying and selling, DIY and home renovation, which UK audiences continue to lap up.

As the name suggests, Axe The Agent? hosted by property developer Gary McCausland and former estate agent Jonny Benarr, charts the progress of individual sellers who try and sell their homes without the help of an agent. The results are, inevitably, quite mixed, and Bramzell argues that it could seriously impact upon the livelihoods of the UK’s 125,000 or so estate agents.

Estate Agent Today quote from a letter Bramzell wrote to the BBC, saying:

“Estate agents are expected to pay their TV licence fee yet the BBC use this money to create a show which could result in the loss of their jobs and ability to pay the licence fee.

I unequivocally believe that estate agents are absolutely essential for both the buyer and seller. From establishing accurate property valuations to working to secure the best possible price during the negotiation phase, estate agents really are the only experts.

The safety net that estate agents provide extends beyond accompanying all the viewings for the peace of mind of the seller, but they also drive the different members of the chain to ensure completion.”

Bramzell also wrote that he doubted the BBC would encourage their viewers to axe their GPs, fire department or police.

Axe the Agent? has been screening on BBC One in the mornings. The BBC is about to film a second series.

Bramzell’s defence of agents is not surprising. have launched an innovative pay-per-lead model, and are actively recruiting UK agents to list on their portal and issuing a challenge to the UK’s existing property portals.

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