Launches Real Estate Social Network Launches Real Estate Social Network

Communication solutions provider has launched a tailored social network for the real estate community. Like other social networks it includes functions for chat, forum, group, blog, calendar, photo, and video capabilities. And it joins several other websites that are showing just how useful social networking can be for realtors and those in the property industry.

“With the continuing decline of the economy and the real estate sector, we felt that we needed to provide a way for our member base to effectively connect with each other,” says Susie Hale, FrogPond’s President and Founder. “By adding to our already extensive database of tools and educational mediums, we are providing the ideal portal for the industry to interact on a completely new level. For example, the video capability is a great way to get feedback on a virtual tour or promo spot before it is released to the buying public.” says we can expect to see social networking become the core of most businesses’ branding efforts.

“The days of static websites are behind us and professionals need to embrace technology solutions if they wish to, not only survive, but increase their core base” says Michael D. Harris Jr. of Ardynn Media. are certainly right on trend. Social networking has grown in importance, quite rapidly, and it is not just facebook, twitter, and myspace. Websites like US based prove how valuable social networking can be for a realtor in particular. is now the largest real estate social network in the world with over 131,000 members. is the latest UK equivalent for the property industry.

Below, watch a video from TV, with Susie Hale talking to Jim Sherry, President of Innovative Solutions, about the benefits of social networking as a marketing tool for real estate brokers and agents.

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