October 11, 2011

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Time to Rethink Real Estate Marketing

“Whatever worked for your marketing eight years ago doesn’t work anymore - it’s completely obsolete.” That’s the opinion of Roman Bodnarchuk, the founder and CEO of condooutlet.com and N5R.com, who caught our attention with the following presentation on real estate marketing trends:

Contributing to the zoocasa.com blog, Bodnarchuk writes: “A decade ago nobody had high speed Internet or HTML interfaces. There were no iPods, iPhones or BlackBerrys. Google was just coming out of Stanford and had yet to revolutionise the way the world shares access to information.”

How much have your real estate marketing tactics changed over the past ten years? Are they still stuck in the pre-iPhone, pre-social media age? If you suspect they might be, have a read of our series on real estate marketing strategies in 2011 to get some ideas on where to go from here.


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  1. Rachael Lord says:

    Thanks for sharing this Alice! Always learning, never enough time!

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