October 11, 2011

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Back to Basics: The Top Five Factors of Great Listings

If your listings are languishing on property portals without attracting any attention from buyers or renters, it might be time to run through what factors go into a good listing. Here’s our top five picks for you to consider before you list your next property:

1. Attention-grabbing title: This is the first thing home hunters see as they scroll through a portal’s search results, so it really pays to spend a few minutes writing something that will stand out. Here are our ideas on how to get people clicking on your headlines.

2. Accurate description: Your listing description has to walk a fine line, promoting all the best aspects of the property without going overboard and embellishing. Get this step right and you’ll not only attract more online attention, you’ll also weed out enquiries from people who aren’t suitable. For more on this, check out our top 10 tips for great listing copy.

3. Photos - as many as possible: It’s been shown time and again by portals that the more photos a listing has, the more attention it gets - so cover your property from every angle! “I still, to my horror, see listings with no photos or photos of the bathroom or the couch as the first photo,” revealed realestate.co.nz CEO Alistair Helm in an interview with propertyadguru.com last year. “So little time is taken to make such a major impact.”

4. Don’t forget the floor plan: Alongside good photos, including a floor plan is one of the best things you can do to make sure people check out your listing. And with the innovative options that are available to agents these days, it seems a shame to skip this step.

5. Get it right the first time: Not to add any extra pressure, but according to research by redfin.com published last year, the first week a listing is online is crucial. “The week that a listing goes on the market, we estimate that it gets nearly four times more visits on real estate websites than it does a month later,” the US online brokerage found.

If you tick all those boxes, then your listing should be set to promote itself, and any extra work you do - blogging, tweeting or posting to Facebook - will be icing on the cake.


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