October 11, 2011

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Do Interactive Floor Plans Help Sales?

Since we first reported on interactive floor plans back in 2009, these tools have continued to evolve. To find out just how far the technology has progressed, we chatted to Nic Ingram, the creator of Australian interactive floor plan provider HomeImage.

According to Ingram, high-tech floor plans go a long way towards giving a listing web appeal. “I am constantly hearing from vendors and buyers alike how vital a quality floor plan is to the marketing appeal of a property,” she says. “It’s something that photos or videos alone can’t convey.”

HomeImage’s floor plans are full colour and allow users to drag and drop furniture into the plan itself. “Prospective buyers choose pieces of furniture from an extensive library of designs and then place them anywhere within the floor plan,” Ingram explains. “Once positioned they can change the size, colour and angle of each piece.”

“As well as potential buyers being able to furnish these plans, corresponding photos can be linked to exact positions on the plan and the location can be viewed with the inbuilt Google Maps and Google Street View facility,” Ingram adds. “The agent’s contact details with their logo can be attached, and then by clicking the 3D button, the plan will transform into a fully interactive three dimensional image that can be spun around and viewed from any angle.”

Of course, a tool like HomeImage does involve an extra marketing investment - Ingram says her prices start at AUD$150 for a one bedroom apartment, while a four bedroom house including furniture and landscaping will cost $400. Still, Ingram says she is seeing interest beyond her local market, with clients as far afield as Paris and Cambodia.

Do you see the extra cost associated with an interactive floor plan as worth it to market a listing? Let us know in our comments.


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  1. Kylie Emans says:

    We insist on interactive floorplans and have been doing them for over 2 years, we were initially negative towards any floorplans, especially when the floorplan of a property was not so appealing but we are total converts now. The response has been amazing and we wish we had started doing them earlier!

  2. Debra says:

    We have been using floor plans since Christmas, while not interactive, we find that both buyers and venders are always looking for more information and as agents we are always looking to provide more information. We will continue to use them, however wish that there was an easy programme to use to avoid outsourcing to have floor plans done

  3. I confirm that Nic’s floorplans are very effectives, nicely designed but also very intuitives. For the sale of a cambodian luxury villa (http://www.villapp.com/features/floor-plans-2/), it was of a great help and buyers appreciated very much this information.

  4. Nic Ingram says:

    Thanks Lionel. I’m really hearing this all the time. In general a quality floor plan will present to the buyer the flow of the home and the connection between the different rooms and areas of the property, that can sometimes be hard to remember between open home inspections. But then by adding the ability to interact with it by adding their style of furniture/spinning it around etc, buyers are really able to connect with the property on a much deeper, more personal level.

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