Blogging: When You’re Lost for Words

Blogging: When You’re Lost for Words

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: a good blog goes a long way. Done right, your blog should be a valuable source of traffic for your website and, therefore, leads for your business.

But anyone who’s ever started a blog knows that once the initial enthusiasm wears off, coming up with fresh ideas for posts can be a daily struggle. If you’re stuck staring at a blank screen, try these sources for a hit of inspiration:

News - Most people include at least one news website as part of their daily online routine. If there’s something newsworthy you can comment on, you’ll have the added bonus of being part of an evolving online conversation, which could generate extra attention for your website while the topic stays in the headlines.
What’s On - Any guide to upcoming events in your area could be a goldmine for post ideas. By providing people with this kind of information, you’ll only add to that all-important sense that you know and care about your local market.
A Map - Even if there aren’t any upcoming or recent events you can blog about, scanning a map of your area might just jog your memory about that great hiking trail or perfect picnic spot you’ve been meaning to highlight.
Previous Posts: Has something struck a chord with your readers before? Is it something you could discuss again from a different angle, or in light of new information? Don’t be afraid to re-vist previous topics as they might just cover the information readers are looking for.
Your Favourites: When all else fails, check in with your favourite bloggers - is there something they’re writing about that you could comment on? Most will appreciate the reference, and perhaps return the favour next time.

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