October 11, 2011

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New Real Estate Focused Option for WordPress


A new plug-in for agents and brokers currently using a WordPress blog has just been launched. ListingPress promises agents “your own Redfin or Trulia for your business…combining your current articles with listing content” and brokers “an affordable solution which provides every one of your agents a blog with listings automatically built in”.

The ListingPress catchphrase is “Removing the word iframe from the online real estate vocabulary”. An iframe can place content (such as listings information from an Internet Data Exchange) in a scrollable box on your website, but ListingPress integrates this content into the website itself.

One Seattle-based blogger with a connection to ListingPress creator Jason Benesch explained some of what ListingPress can do, saying the plug-in:

  • Easily allows a real estate agent to combine listings with post articles that have been written on their blog.
  • Easily allows a real estate agent to add Search For Homes widgets to their sidebar.
  • Rewrites permalinks to allow for the best SEO results.
  • Puts the agent in control of how listings are displayed on site.

A review on agentgenius.com states that ListingPress is currently available for some US multiple listing services covering Florida, San Diego, Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area, amongst others. The review also mentions a catch: ListingPress costs US$499 along with a monthly fee of $49.

Benesch, who also co-founded real estate blogging community The Real Estate Tomato, addressed the price issue in a comment on the agentgenius.com review:

“You have to kind of understand that ListingPress is the just the middle man. A mashup if you will of different services.

I love WordPress and what I can do with it. I am intimately familiar with it after running a WordPress driven company for the past three years. I see the benefits and know how powerful an application it can be for a real estate agent.

But ListingPress in the end is an IDX solution. A complete IDX solution. I actually think the pricing is very competitive in the IDX world. I don’t see ListingPress as being a second add on type of IDX solution, but the main and only one an agent needs. After I get some Tomato sites up using ListingPress, I believe an agent will see the power of it (both SEO, but also lead generation) and will have enough confidence to completely drop the current IDX they are using.”

Benesch also said that new features such as Google Maps and a Facebook connect would be incorporated into ListingPress over the next few weeks.


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  1. Sam says:

    We have a working demo of the ListingPress Plugin in action at http://www.pahousequest.com

    Click around and you’ll find at least 6 different Home Search designs focused on lead capture.


    If you like the site and want it contact the agent or email me.

  2. GenFouluple says:

    Fantastic, I didn’t know about that till now. Thanks!!

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