October 11, 2011

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Back to Basics: Building a Social Media Plan


Still unsure how to establish a social media presence for your real estate business? Then take a look through this advice from David Gibbons, general manager of business development at real estate technology company Korbitec, on how property professionals should start out.

How to Update Facebook Remotely


It’s not always possible to update your Facebook page while on the move, especially when you’re rushing from inspection to inspection. However, keeping your social networks, including Facebook, updated is important for networking and lead generation.

Making Sense of Facebook Stats


If you’ve been diligently posting updates to your Facebook Page, you might also have noticed some slightly confusing statistics appearing under each update. So what do these numbers mean?

Facebook Pages to be Revamped


In just a few weeks, Facebook Pages will undergo a major upgrade that should make promoting your real estate business that much easier. So what can you expect when Facebook flips the switch?

Previously on Property Ad Guru: Facebook


If you’re a real estate agent looking to take advantage of the growing Facebook audience in 2011, where do you start?

How to Create Groups in Facebook


Now that we’ve covered how to create a Facebook friend list to control who sees your updates, we’ll take a look at another way to separate out your Facebook contacts with Groups - a feature introduced by Facebook late last year.

Back to Basics: Facebook FAQs


For readers still weighing up whether to join Facebook this year, we’ve come up with answers to some of the more common questions about this ubiquitous social network.

How to Back Up Your Facebook Content


What do you do if you want to preserve all the communication you’ve had with clients on Facebook, along with your photos, videos and other information? Luckily, the process is easy.

How to Create A Facebook Friend List


If your Facebook strategy is paying off and you’re starting to attract plenty of new people to your page, you might want to take the next step of separating your Facebook friends into lists to make sure everyone is receiving the right kind of information.

Five Ways to Up Facebook Engagement


So you have a Facebook page set up to promote your business, but you’ve hit the ceiling in terms of friends, and no one has commented on any of your updates for weeks on end. Never fear - there are plenty of things you can do to turn this situation around and increase engagement with your Facebook audience.