November 27, 2010

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Using Google Keywords for More Traffic

Of all Google’s free tools, Google Keywords might be the most useful for real estate agents looking for more website traffic.

SEO for Real Estate: What to Avoid

We’ve gone into detail on SEO for real estate agents here at, but the best thing about this topic is there’s always more to learn.

Long Tail Changing the Landscape


Modern Search creator Joe Hanna writes from an Australian perspective about how long tail search is changing the Internet for agents as well as property portals.

Chasing the Long Tail of Search


“Can searches even have a tail?” I hear you asking. The fact is they can, and that tail can be extremely useful when it comes to finding customers.

Agent Strategies: Blogging Plus SEO


Read on to find out how US agent Andrea Swiedler increased her traffic with a combination of blogging and SEO.

What is SMO and Why Does it Matter?


“Social media optimisation” might sound like a strange concept, but you’re probably already implementing a number of SMO strategies without even realising.

Rev Up Your Website

It’s now official: website speed matters, particularly if you’re concerned with where you rank in Google’s search results.

Google Gives SEO Tips

Here’s one for the search engine optimisation enthusiasts out there: Google has recently released a report based on the SEO performance of pages for 100 different Google products.

The results show what’s working for Google and where things could be improved, giving the rest of us plenty of valuable SEO hints.

Google’s Latest Releases Part 2: Personalised Results

Last Friday, Google announced it was rolling out personalised search results for everyone – even users without Google accounts. By storing 180 days worth of search activity information in an “anonymous cookie” in a user’s browser, Google can now present them with personalised search results.

In this second article in our series on Google’s new releases, we’ll look at how this new search environment could effect online real estate advertising.

Google’s Latest Releases Part 1: Real-time Search


Technology news websites are currently saturated with talk of Google’s latest releases, which range from a real-time search innovation to something called “Google Goggles”. According to, Google has actually introduced 33 different search innovations in the past 67 days.

Most of these releases have been met with the usual mix of excitement and scepticism, so it’s not always easy to decode exactly what effect they might have. Over the next few days, will take a preliminary look at a few of Google’s new offerings and ponder what they could mean for the world of online advertising.