October 11, 2011

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Does Your Website Generate Leads?


Having hundreds or even thousands of people visit your website every month is one thing, but are those visitors actually converting into leads? If not, here are a few points you need to consider:

How Do “Squeeze Pages” Generate Leads?


Even if you’ve never heard the term “squeeze page” before, chances are you have had some experience with them. Today we’ll take a look at how a good squeeze page can work as part of your lead generation strategy.

How Do You Like Your Leads?

What do you count as a lead, and how much are you paying for them?

Post-Sale Communications: Customers for Life


You’ve done the deal - sold the house, signed the papers, collected the cash and shaken hands. So what’s next? Goodbye and thanks for coming?

They Came, They Saw, But Did They Act?

Your website’s looking great, so why isn’t it generating any leads? Perhaps it’s your “call to action” - the section of your website that prompts browsers to subscribe, follow, or contact you.

Referral Programs that Actually Work


While it’s not particularly hard to implement a referral program, there are a few ways in which companies from any industry can slip up. So before you send that email, take a minute to ask yourself these questions.

What Makes Customers Choose You?


Chances are, there are a number of agents working in or near your area with whom you need to compete. So how do you make sure you stand out?

Selling Online Advertising to Vendors


Many agents gloss over the Internet when presenting to prospective sellers or landlords, even though this medium has been the single most important innovation to the way we do business.

Online Engagement Essentials


No matter what your online marketing strategy involves, there’s one goal you should always have in mind: audience engagement.

Fine-tuning Your Ad Strategy


Judging by the preliminary results of our poll, most Property Ad Guru readers are planning to invest significantly more in online marketing this year. With the Internet Advertising Bureau also predicting another increase in online ad spending in 2010, one question springs to mind: How do you make sure the money you spend on online advertising doesn’t go to waste? In other words, how can you fine-tune your advertising strategy this year to ensure it results in more leads?