May 13, 2011

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How to Create a Facebook Event

Using social media to communicate an event with your clients and database is a powerful strategy. Not only does it save time and money, it allows clients to share an event with their own networks. Here’s how to use Facebook’s events feature to your advantage:

1. Identify an appropriate event and topic. Start small - don’t plan to host a full-blown conference using a Facebook event. Instead, start by inviting buyers to a feature property’s open for inspection. (You should use these events for special or interesting properties only – it’s a great way to create buzz without bombarding your fans with constant OFIs.)

2. Load up the event. Select “my events” from the menu on the left of your Facebook page, then click on “create event”. From here, follow the steps (Facebook will walk you through the process). Basically, you enter the event name, select the event’s visibility (“public event” will maximise the turnout), and then enter all the other details. To enhance the look of your event, add a photo or video and display the attendee list.

3. Promote the event. Now you need to promote your event by notifying your fans. You can do this by selecting the fans you want to send the invite to. You can also send emails to people not on Facebook. Finally, ensure your fans can share the event (the level of access needs to be “public event” or open).

4. Send out reminders. Make sure you send out a few reminders to your invited guests and those who have registered or added themselves to your guest list.

The end result: a quick and easy method to promote an event, with limited costs and resources.


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