June 9, 2011

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“Agent Insights”: What’s Your Take?

redfin.com, an online brokerage based in the US, has just introduced a new feature that displays agents’ comments about a property alongside listings, and also shares private comments about each listing, such as whether the property needs maintenance, with the listing agent.

redfin.com CEO Glenn Kelman says the feature, dubbed “Agent Insights,” was 18 months in the making as the company worked to strike a balance between the needs of its agents, buyers, sellers, and peers in the industry.

“Regardless of how clear the letter of the law is on the question of what we can share with our customers, the degree of candor that buyers and sellers feel comfortable with is still unknown,” Kelman concedes, adding that these comments will only be available to registered redfin.com members.

1000wattconsulting.com’s Brian Boero writes that redfin.com has done the buyers working with them a huge favour. “Being able to view measured, useful comments (standards for comments are enforced) from someone who a.) Has been to a home and, b.) Is not the listing agent could be a huge time saver,” he argues. “It helps people make decisions. Helping your customers or prospective customers make decisions is a good thing.”

We want to hear your take on this latest move by redfin.com. Do you think it’s positive for agents as well as buyers? Would you like to see something similar offered by your company? Let us know your thoughts in our comments.


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