July 6, 2011

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Aussie Widgets from pricefinder.com.au

Australian real estate agents wishing they had widgets like those available in the US and UK are in luck: pricefinder.com.au has just released a range of its own.

According to pricefinder.com.au chief operating officer Kent Lardner, the widgets were inspired by offerings from zillow.com and trulia.com in the US.

The “SalesMatch” widget allows users to find and map matching comparable sales for any property. “RentMatch” does the same for rentals, while the “Stats” widget allows agents to embed suburb, postcode, and local government area sales statistics and charts into their website.

The main difference between these offerings and those available to US agents is that they aren’t free. The widgets are available at no extra cost to those on pricefinder.com.au’s “pro” and “solo” memberships, which start at AUD$95 per month. Banners and logos are also available.


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