February 1, 2011

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Google’s Latest Releases Part 3: New Maps Perspective


With so many new releases from Google over the past week, you could be forgiven for feeling a little over-saturated. As we’ve already discussed, Google’s new real-time search and personalised results raise some questions in terms of online advertising for agents. Thankfully, Google’s latest release looks positive for the world of online real estate advertising.

On Tuesday, the Google Earth and Maps team announced a new type of mapping imagery available to developers through the Google Maps API: high resolution overhead imagery that shows both the rooftops and sides of buildings at a tilted angle.

When Google made the announcement, it pointed out that both US property search engine trulia.com and US online brokerage redfin.com have already integrated this new aerial view into their websites. The two real estate websites were chosen, along with travel website orbitz.com, to be the first to try out the new imagery.

trulia.com’s example gives an idea of how the new perspective will enhance listings:


At first, the addition of a slightly new angle on Google Maps imagery might sound insignificant. But once you start moving around in the new view, it becomes obvious how much more clearly the buildings are being represented. Things like building height and where the building sits in the landscape are aspects home hunters could only guess at in the previous aerial view.

One problem with the new Maps perspective is that, so far, it’s only available in two locations: San Jose and San Diego. Of course, Google says it will be adding more cities in the coming months, but doesn’t hint at when the angled view might become available outside the US.

Do you think this new aerial perspective view would enhance your listings? As always, feel free to leave us your thoughts in our comments.


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