October 11, 2011

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Small Screen – Big Opportunity

The Official Mobile Blog yesterday announced that Adwords advertisers can now target their ads to searchers using mobile devices such as iPhones and G1 and other mobile devices with full HTML web browsers. This opens up a whole new opportunity for advertisers who wish to target specific local mobile users - a fantastic opportunity for real estate professionals keen to reach their local audience.

The mobile team recently released new search results pages specifically formatted for iPhones so advertisers can now create campaigns for, and display, ads exclusively on mobile devices. You can also get separate performance reporting for the campaigns.   As well as generating mobile-specific ads, you are able to choose whether or not to have your desktop ads displayed on mobile devices; you can keep them separate and not show them by simply opting out, only displaying them on desktop and laptop computers.

The interesting point here for agents is that as advertisers who are specifically targeting city-level or neighborhood level searches you can create unique campaigns with mobile-ready landing pages as well as mobile-specific calls to action (e.g. Call 1-800-XXX-XXXX for a free appraisal). This allows for far better targeting of potential customers as well as easier tracking of the all-important leads that come into your business.

This is an affordable and cost-effective way to get into the thoughts and pockets of local mobile users and make sure your business is top of mind whenever they think about ’real estate’.

Have a look at this video for some more information from the Adwords team on how to get started.

http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=q4R-wF6sdDg&eurl=http://www.futureofrealestatemarketing.com/ -lets-you-go-mobile-with-your-adwords


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