October 11, 2011

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reply.com New Online Marketing Platform

It’s been a big week for online marketing: Adwords has just announced it will be targeting mobile phones, starting with the Apple’s iPhone and online marketing platform reply.com has announced the launch of the world’s first marketplace for Enhanced Clicks.

Adwords going mobile is good news for everyone who uses this tool (read our article about how to use it here), but what exactly are reply.com’s Enhanced Clicks?

reply.com is an online marketing company who want to make online advertising available to any business - no matter how big or small, so they are an interesting prospect for real estate agents to consider.

The company say Enhanced Clicks are a way for “advertisers to gain access to their target audience without the complexity of traditional online cost-per-click advertising, significantly simplifying the profitable acquisition of locally-targeted customers”.

“Using the Reply.com Marketplace, there are no keywords to manage, no bid-management software to implement, and no need to outsource online customer acquisition to 3rd parties,” says Reply.com chairman and CEO Payam Zamani. “Instead, there are controls that allow advertisers of any size to access consumers who are looking for a particular product or service, select desirable locations, throttle volume, and dynamically set their desired price-per-click. The system automatically delivers the specified traffic, based on the advertiser’s budget.”

“Until now, only the most sophisticated businesses-with significant investments in Internet marketing-have been able to access online consumers profitably.” says Zamani. “We are on a mission to make Internet marketing available to businesses of any size by making it easy and profitable to generate locally-targeted and category-specific traffic.”

Coinciding with the announcement on Tuesday 2 December RAIN Radio hosted a show with guests from Reply.com. You can listen to CEO Payam Zamani, CMO Brian Bowman, and Manager of Online Marketing, Tom Young, discuss reply.com and answer questions online.

Or you can have a look at the online slideshow for some more information from the reply.com team on how to get started, and what it is all about.


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  1. Excellent stuff, the people those who want to hire a SEO expert they have to read this blog. Thanks for all the steps that drive a huge traffic for our website.

  2. Tracy Oshay says:

    Another scam by payam zamani. Who was fired from autoweb.com and which was later sued! autoweb lawsuit

    These reply.com guys are scammers and have been for years! I was just recently scammed out of my money with leads that have numbers that don’t work but they promise the world to you. Should have done my research first!

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