October 11, 2011

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Real Estate Marketing in 2011: Part Two


Yesterday, we spoke to John L. Heithaus, chief marketing officer for Metropolitan Regional Information Systems (MRIS), the largest multiple listing service in the US, about the role of social media in real estate marketing. Today, John talks to us about agents who aren’t yet using new online marketing tools, and his predictions for the future of real estate marketing.

Real Estate Marketing in 2011: Part One


Today, we’re taking a step back to look at the bigger picture of how real estate marketing has changed as more and more communication moves online. For a long-range perspective on this, we went to John L. Heithaus, chief marketing officer for Metropolitan Regional Information Systems (MRIS), the largest multiple listing service in the US.

Do You List on Craigslist?


Alongside this debate over whether Craigslist is a safe online marketplace, a number of real estate industry commentators have weighed in with their take on whether real estate agents should be using the website.

Agent Strategies: Narrowing Your Focus


Today we take a peek behind the scenes at thecoralgablesstory.com, which we previously highlighted as an example of a well designed real estate website.

Agent Strategies: Property Photos Still an Issue


We’ve been blogging about how to take great real estate photos for some time now, but as realestate.co.nz CEO Alistair Helm recently pointed out, quality listing photos remain something of a rare commodity. Another real estate professional who thinks real estate photography could be improved is former US real estate agent John Lynch.

Agent Strategies: Your 2011 Business Plan


“I’ve never written a business plan for the profession I’ve chosen and existed in for the last fifteen years. I use the word existed, because that’s pretty much what you do without a concise action plan.”

Is Your Google Profile Up to Date?


Never heard of Google Profiles before? Then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to influence how you appear in Google’s search results.

Where Will You Market Your Business in 2011?


Making any kind of prediction about what real estate marketing will look like in another decade’s time seems unwise to say the least, but we can make some guesses about how things might change over the next 12 months.

How to Make RSS Work for Your Business


RSS, also known as Really Simple Syndication, is probably one of the easiest tools real estate agents can use to stay on top of the latest news. Today we’ll explain how to set it up and use it to enhance your business.

Real Estate Marketing that Worked in 2010


As we look towards 2011, it’s easy to get caught up in wondering what the Next Big Thing will be in the world of real estate marketing. So today, we’ll take a look back at the year that was and the strategies that really worked for agents around the world.