October 9, 2011

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How to Track Your Links with bit.ly

Sharing links to interesting, relevant content is a great way to gain fans and followers on social networking sites, especially when you don’t have the time to create new content yourself. The folks at bit.ly have come up with a way keep track of what happens to your links after you publish them, and today we’ll show you just how easy their service is to use.

Open up bit.ly and you’ll see three tabs across the top of the homepage: shorten, manage, and analyse. Before you do any of these things, start by creating a new account - it only takes a few seconds and doesn’t even require a confirmation email.

Now that you’re signed up, click in the box under the “shorten” tab and paste in the link to the content you want to share. A shorter link will be created instantly, and as soon as you click on this new link it will be copied so that you can paste it into your next Facebook or Twitter update.

Once you’ve published your link, open up the “manage” tab. Here you can see how many times the link has been clicked and how long ago it was published. Click on the “info page” link to the right and you’ll even see how many times your link has been tweeted, shared on Facebook, and commented on. If you want to go into even further detail, you can scroll down to the traffic section to see exactly where these clicks are coming from.

Over time, bit.ly should allow you to see exactly what kind of content is getting the best response from the people reading your blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. With that knowledge, you can gradually adjust what you post to make sure you reach the widest possible audience.


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