June 21, 2011

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Five Reasons to Use LinkedIn

In this week’s guest post from SOBOX, the social media solution created by propertyadguru.com publisher Classified Ad Ventures, we find out why LinkedIn is important for real estate professionals.

Are you using LinkedIn effectively? Do you know what LinkedIn can do for you and the best way to leverage your account? Here are five ways LinkedIn can make a difference to you and your business.

1) Generate more customers and leads

For businesses of any size, it is important to be connected to the right people to generate more customers and leads. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to position your business in the “right” online community. It can help you and your company stay in the forefront of other business’ and peoples’ minds when it comes to needing a service your business offers. Your connections can use you as a resource and this can promote great leads for ongoing and repeat business.

2) Increases your Google presence

When someone “Googles” your name or company, LinkedIn will feature highly in the results list because your name and company are optimised. So, you are guaranteed to be found. To make the most of your high result, maximise your profile to highlight your skills and business acumen in the best possible light.

3) Brand you and your business

Using LinkedIn is a good platform to build your brand and keep it fresh. To achieve this, you must have consistent branding across all your online marketing channels, including your LinkedIn profile. It also offers a good opportunity to leverage any upcoming events by letting your connections know what is happening in your business. Clever LinkedIn users update and use their profile often.

4) Get connections

Actively network to gain connections. Let LinkedIn access your email accounts so it can search for contacts. When you get new contacts, communicate with them – especially if you haven’t had any recent dealings. Once this line of communication is open, foster it by arranging a meeting.

5) Get to know other companies

Look for other companies that complement or can assist your business. LinkedIn can give you a lot of information on how a company works, its structure, employees and access to the right people to make contact with. Make sure you use LinkedIn’s advanced search.


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