October 11, 2011

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Gist Pitches to Real Estate Agents

“Know more about who you know” is the tagline of Gist, an online contact management service that has real estate agents in its sights.

Gist, which is currently free to use, links the information contained in emails to the web. So if you’re looking at an email from an important contact, you can also see recent news about their company, along with their blog posts and tweets. Gist updates and prioritises this information as well, promising to give users an “information edge”.

Considering how important client contacts are in real estate, its hardly surprising that Gist is now pitching its services as particularly helpful to agents. In the following video, Gist’s Greg Meyer talks to productivityjunkies.com blogger Darin Persinger about how he sees agents using the service:


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  1. Lucy says:

    Hi - I really love your articles but when I go to click here to connect to the link it doesn’t work. I end up having to copy and paste the address to connect.

  2. Alice Allan says:

    Thanks for getting in touch Lucy. That issue could be something to do with the tool you use to receive emails. If you’re still having trouble, try subscribing to our RSS feed, or following our updates on Twitter.

  3. Michael says:

    Has anyone tried Gist? It seems to be quite useful and time saving.

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