November 27, 2010

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As we were just saying, there’s always something new to try in the world of Twitter. This week, UK based website has launched a service that helps businesses find leads by sorting through tweets and highlighting those that match preset criteria.

The new “Twitter Sales Leads” service was recently launched in public beta, and now costs £22.95 per month. According to the company’s blog, Twitter Sales Leads searches for keywords and filters results to show only those that include an expressed need, request for a product, or service recommendation. founder and chief executive Ian Hendry says Twitter poses the biggest threat yet to search engines like Google and Microsoft’s Bing, because users are increasingly looking to their Twitter connections for product and service suggestions.

“Go and ask Google for a business that can get you a pop-up exhibition stand in time for a conference on Monday, for example, and it’s like having a conversation with Rain Man,” says Hendry. “You get hundreds of thousands of results which touch upon what you’re asking for without really providing the answer you need.”

“Crowd sourcing by asking Twitter users the same thing is likely to bring up fewer responses, but one solid reply with a link to supplier is all you need. After all, you’re only placing the business once. Smart businesses are tapping into this new source of potential business as an alternative to scrapping over the top placings on Google where the most you are guaranteed is a click, not a lead.”

As points out, applications like TweetDeck, TweetScan and even Google Alerts can be used to track when a certain keyword is mentioned online, but none provide only need-based tweets.


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