November 27, 2010

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Imagining A Twitter Future

We’ve talked before about how real estate agents can use Twitter as part of their marketing and communications plan.

But now we thought it was time to look at what the future might hold for Twitter, and how agents can get the most out of it.

Zoo Property, is a forthcoming product from real estate software development company called Agentpoint Pty Ltd. It is scheduled to launch into the Australian market in April 2009, and will incorporate Twitter functionality.

Owner Peter Ricci writes on his blog:

“Ingenious people are finding a mass of different uses for Twitter. We are even building this into our new property platform Zoo Property, so that agents can automatically notify followers of new listings, price changes etc.”

“I am sure other platforms will do similar things and that’s the beauty of technology, there are a million uses for even what at first seems like a pointless tool and sometimes the company that makes these tools, do not even know what they will be uses for.”

Ricci compares the possibilities that Twitter might hold to Google Maps - there are now loads of Google Maps mashups and applications using it in very creative ways.

The future of Twitter could be in its ability to be integrated and incorporated into other software and programmes.

In comments left on Ricci’s post, Greg Vincent wrote about a Twitter application called which enables people to search localised content, and might be of use to agents seeking to draw attention to themselves locally.

Vincent also highlighted the fact that Twitter is especially good for drawing attention to your blog, or news posts. A productivity tool called TweetLater can help with this by setting up a sequence of ongoing tweets that can link people back to your recent or past blog posts.

And if you have trouble keeping up to date with the masses of tweets, try TweetDeck. Tweetdeck is a realtime application that allows users to monitor that information in a single concise view, integrating services from Twitter, Twitscoop, 12seconds, Stocktwits and now Facebook.


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  1. snoop says:

    What is the property industries fascination with the word Zoo???

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