October 9, 2011

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respage.com: Social Property Management


US company 4Walls LLC has released their latest service designed to help apartment owners and managers use social media to communicate with their residents and ideally improve engagement and retention rates for their properties.

Respage Community uses a social media platform to assist managers and residents to connect with one another and stay informed on all aspects of their property from special events to owner bulletins as well as neighborhood information. It also offers the ability to sell advertising and earn supplementary income.

In a recent press release, 4Walls explains:

“With an average cost of $4,500, even a slight decrease in an apartment community’s resident turnover rate can have a dramatic affect on NOI (Net Operating Income). According to Units magazine (February, 2009), over 60% of turnover is controllable. Units further states, ‘How service and work orders are handled by the office staff and communication between the staff and residents have the strongest impact on retention’.”

A key selling point of Respage Community is that the website is maintained by coordinators who upload all postings and updates from emails sent by the property managers. This eliminates the need to learn new software and an increased time commitment making communicating with residents via social media tools more accessible.

Respage Community may be used in conjunction with the respage.com portal product or independently. Monthly subscriptions for the services range from US$39 to $69.


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