October 21, 2011

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GoGoPin Targeting Agents with Free Services

Just featured as Microsoft’s startup of the day, MotionCloud, Inc is a company currently offering a free online service aimed at real estate professionals. GoGoPin Ad allows its users to create online advertisements and flyers with unlimited photos and text at no cost.

With the motto “Point. Click. Done.”, GoGoPin Ad’s focus is on ease of use. Its advertisements are created through an online interface, and photos can be uploaded to this interface from a mobile phone. These advertisements can then be posted to websites such as eBay, Craigslist and Facebook, or any other online location. This video tour outlines how the service works.

MotionCloud’s co-founder and CEO Jaeyoung Chun explained the aim of the service to Microsoft’s Julien Codorniou:

“We wanted to provide a dead-easy content creation tool for non-tech savvy people - a tool that doesn’t require any knowledge about HTML, CSS, and FTP, a tool that doesn’t require additional software such as Photoshop, a tool that works in all Web browsers so that all you need is the Internet connection and a Web browser, and finally a tool that lets you create rich and interactive content which is searchable.”

Along with GoGoPin Ad, MotionCloud also offers GoGoPin Business – a free website creation tool it says will provide “unrivaled lead generation”. Its features include an interactive whiteboard that combines instant messaging, voice/video chat, and shared viewing. “If you are video chatting with a potential customer, you can display your available properties, invite others, and schedule an appointment on the first visit,” the website explains.

Lastly, MotionCloud is also working on GoGoPin Communicator, which is currently integrated with Windows Live Messenger to allow users to exchange pictures, watch videos, share maps and routes and draw pictures together. Integration with Outlook and Yahoo! Messenger are both “coming soon”.


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  1. Adam Odnert says:

    Hello PropertyAdGuru and Ms. Allan,

    Thank you for a flattering and welcome blog post. Would you please make a slight correction? The parent company of GoGoPin is MotionCloud, Inc. (all one word). If you would update the post it would be much appreciated.

    Adam Odnert

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